Legal Templates

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Agreements related to the protection of confidential information and trade secrets.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
Protects confidential information by prohibiting its disclosure to third parties.
Confidentiality Agreement
Similar to an NDA but broader, covering a wider range of confidential information.
Non-Disparagement Agreement
Prevents parties from making negative public statements about each other, specifying the scope of the agreement and any consequences for breaches.
Non-Circumvention Agreement
Prevents parties from bypassing each other in business deals, specifying non-circumvention provisions, penalties, and dispute resolution.
Confidential Settlement Agreement
A Confidential Settlement Agreement resolves a legal dispute between parties with confidentiality provisions, specifying settlement terms and...
Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (Mutual NDA)
A Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (Mutual NDA) ensures the confidentiality of shared information between parties, specifying obligations, exceptions,...
Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NCNDA)
An agreement preventing circumvention of business relationships and ensuring non-disclosure of confidential information among parties.

Agreements governing the relationship between employers and employees, including HR documents.

Employment Agreement
Outlines terms and conditions of employment, including roles, responsibilities, and compensation.
Employment Offer Letter
Formalizes a job offer, including job title, salary, and start date.
Independent Contractor Agreement
Defines terms for contractors working independently, covering work scope and payment arrangements.
Non-Compete Agreement
Restricts competition by former employees or business associates for a specified period.
Employee Handbook
Sets workplace rules and policies, including employment conditions, code of conduct, and benefits.
Employer-Employee Confidentiality Agreement
Protects sensitive information within a company, preventing employees from disclosing or using confidential data.
Employment Separation Agreement
Defines terms for employment termination, including severance pay, benefits continuation, and non-disparagement clauses.
Employment Non-Solicitation Agreement
Prevents the solicitation of employees or clients by former employees, specifying non-solicitation provisions and duration.
Equity Incentive Plan
Details the allocation of equity or stock options to employees or executives, specifying vesting schedules and conditions for exercise.
Consent to Background Check
Obtains consent from individuals for background checks as part of employment or tenant screening processes, specifying checks.
Employment Non-Compete Agreement
An Employment Non-Compete Agreement restricts employees from competing with their employer during or after employment, specifying non-compete terms...
Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement
An Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement requires employees to keep company information confidential, specifying non-disclosure obligations, exceptions,...
Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) Agreement
An Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) Agreement establishes a plan for employees to acquire company stock, specifying option grants, exercise terms,...
Severance Agreement
A Severance Agreement outlines terms for severance packages offered to employees upon termination, specifying severance pay, benefits continuation,...
Employee Invention Disclosure Agreement
An agreement requiring employees to disclose inventions to their employer and clarify ownership and intellectual property rights.
Employee Bonus Agreement
An agreement outlining bonuses or incentives for employees, specifying bonus criteria, payment terms, and any performance metrics required for...
Non-Solicitation and Non-Compete Agreement
A Non-Solicitation and Non-Compete Agreement restricts solicitation of clients or competition by employees or parties, specifying non-solicitation...

A wide range of agreements related to the operations, transactions, and management of businesses.

Partnership Agreement
Defines terms for business partnerships, including profit-sharing and decision-making arrangements.
Purchase Agreement
Specifies terms for buying or selling goods or services, including price, delivery, and warranties.
Franchise Agreement
Details the relationship between a franchisor and franchisee, including fees and obligations.
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
A preliminary agreement outlining mutual understanding between parties before formalizing a contract.
Supply Agreement
Specifies terms for supplying goods or materials, including delivery schedules and pricing agreements.
Joint Venture Agreement
Governs partnerships between entities for specific projects, outlining contributions, responsibilities, and profit-sharing.
Non-Relocation Agreement
Prevents a business from relocating within a specified geographic area during the contract term, maintaining a physical presence.
Strategic Partnership Agreement
Establishes terms for strategic business alliances, including goals, contributions, and management structure.
Asset Purchase Agreement
Defines terms for buying/selling specific assets, including asset descriptions, purchase price, and closing conditions.
Product Distribution Agreement
Specifies the distribution of products, including territories, pricing, marketing support, and delivery terms.
Exclusive Distribution Agreement
Grants exclusive distribution rights to a distributor within a specific market or region, outlining exclusivity terms and obligations.
Equipment Rental Agreement
Defines terms for renting equipment, specifying rental periods, rates, maintenance responsibilities, and return conditions.
Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
Provides prospective franchisees with detailed information about the franchisor, its business model, fees, and other essential details to inform...
Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Agreement
Governs the purchase or merger of one company by another, specifying terms, conditions, purchase price, and post-acquisition matters.
Partnership Dissolution Agreement
Specifies the terms for dissolving a business partnership, including asset distribution, liability settlement, and dissolution process.
Outsourcing Agreement
Governs the outsourcing of specific business functions or processes to a third-party provider, specifying services and payment terms.
Charter Agreement
Defines terms for chartering transportation, such as aircraft or boats, specifying rental fees, routes, passenger capacity, and vessel details.
Build Own Operate and Transfer
A Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT) agreement is often used in infrastructure projects, allowing a private entity to build and operate...
Equipment Leasing
An Equipment Leasing Agreement outlines the terms for leasing equipment or machinery, specifying lease duration, rental payments, and maintenance...
Share Charge Agreement
A Share Charge Agreement allows a party to create a charge on shares as security for a loan or obligation, specifying terms for the charge,...
Commodities Exchange Agreement
A Commodities Exchange Agreement governs the trading of commodities on an exchange, specifying trading rules, fees, and delivery obligations.
Vending Agreement
A Vending Agreement governs the operation of vending machines on a premises, specifying product selection, pricing, maintenance, and revenue sharing...
Storage Agreement
A Storage Agreement defines the terms for storing goods or materials, specifying storage fees, conditions, access rights, and liability limitations.
Procurement Agreement
A Procurement Agreement outlines terms for procuring goods or services, often used in business-to-business transactions, specifying order...
Bills of Lading
Bills of Lading are transport documents used in shipping, specifying details about the cargo, shipping terms, delivery instructions, and ownership...
Mergers, Acquisitions, and other equity acquisitions
These agreements govern the purchase or merger of one company by another, specifying the terms, conditions, purchase price, and post-acquisition...
Spin-Off Agreement
A Spin-Off Agreement outlines the separation of a division or subsidiary from a parent company, specifying the transfer of assets, liabilities, and...
Franchise Agreement
A Franchise Agreement governs the relationship between a franchisor and a franchisee, specifying franchise fees, operating standards, and franchisee...
Share Redemption Agreement
A Share Redemption Agreement outlines the terms for a company to redeem its own shares from shareholders, specifying redemption conditions and the...
Partnership Dissolution Agreement
A Partnership Dissolution Agreement outlines the dissolution of a partnership, specifying distribution of assets, settlement of debts, and...
LLC Operating Agreement
An LLC Operating Agreement defines the terms for managing and operating a limited liability company (LLC), specifying member responsibilities,...
Referral Agreement
A Referral Agreement formalizes referral relationships, specifying referral fees, referral terms, and any exclusivity or termination clauses.
Asset Sale Agreement
An Asset Sale Agreement outlines terms for selling specific assets, specifying asset details, purchase price, payment terms, and any warranties or...
Memorandum of Sale
A Memorandum of Sale documents the sale of real estate, specifying parties involved, property details, sale price, and any conditions or...
Exclusivity Agreement
An Exclusivity Agreement grants exclusive rights to a party for specific purposes, specifying the scope of exclusivity, duration, and any exceptions...
Letter of Intent (LOI)
A Letter of Intent (LOI) expresses the intent to engage in a business transaction, specifying key terms and conditions as a preliminary step toward...
Development Services Agreement
A Development Services Agreement governs the provision of development services, specifying project scope, milestones, fees, deliverables, and...
Joint Venture Development Agreement
A Joint Venture Development Agreement formalizes joint venture partnerships for development projects, specifying joint venture terms, contributions,...
Construction Equipment Lease Agreement
A Construction Equipment Lease Agreement governs the lease of construction equipment, specifying lease terms, rental payments, maintenance, and...
Collection Agency Agreement
A Collection Agency Agreement governs the collection of debts on behalf of creditors, specifying collection methods, fees, legal compliance, and...
Share Purchase Agreement
A Share Purchase Agreement outlines terms for the purchase of shares in a company, specifying purchase price, conditions, due diligence, and...
Business Transfer Agreement
A Business Transfer Agreement governs the transfer of a business or its assets, specifying transfer terms, purchase price, due diligence, and...
Asset Transfer Agreement
An Asset Transfer Agreement governs the transfer of specific assets, specifying asset details, transfer terms, purchase price, and representations...
Asset Purchase Agreement (APA)
An Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) governs the purchase of specific business assets, specifying asset details, purchase price allocation, liabilities,...
Product Distribution and Supply Agreement
An agreement governing the distribution and supply of products, specifying production, distribution, pricing, and supply terms.
Share Subscription and Shareholders' Agreement
An agreement combining share subscription and shareholder rights, specifying subscription terms and shareholder rights and obligations.
Joint Venture Formation Agreement
An agreement for forming a joint venture, specifying joint venture terms, contributions, responsibilities, and profit-sharing.
Brand Partnership Agreement
An agreement formalizing a partnership between brands for collaborative activities, specifying partnership terms and activities.
Performance Agreement
An agreement for artists, performers, or athletes to perform at an event or venue, specifying performance details, fees, and obligations.
Equity Pledge Agreement
An agreement pledging equity or shares as collateral, specifying pledged equity, conditions, and remedies in case of default.
Debt Restructuring Agreement
An agreement restructuring debt, specifying new terms, interest rates, and repayment schedules for existing debt obligations.
Sale and Purchase of Shares Agreement
An agreement for the sale and purchase of shares in a company, specifying sale terms, purchase price, and representations and warranties.
Debt Acknowledgment Agreement
An agreement acknowledging a debt, specifying the debt amount, terms of repayment, and acknowledgment of the debt's existence.
Revenue Sharing Agreement
An agreement for sharing revenue among parties, specifying revenue-sharing terms, allocation, and distribution mechanisms.
Stock Grant Agreement
An agreement granting stock or equity to individuals or employees, specifying the grant terms, vesting schedule, and stock options.
Equipment Lease Purchase Agreement
An agreement allowing the lease and eventual purchase of equipment, outlining lease terms, purchase options, and conditions for ownership transfer.
Master Distributor Agreement
A Master Distributor Agreement outlines terms for distributing products through master distributors, specifying distribution rights, pricing, and...
Corporate Governance

Agreements concerning the structure, rules, and responsibilities of corporations and governance.

Operating Agreement
Governs the operation of limited liability companies (LLCs), specifying member rights and duties.
Shareholder Agreement
Outlines rights and responsibilities of shareholders in a corporation.
Share Subscription Agreement
Governs the issuance and sale of shares to investors, specifying share price, terms, conditions, and subscription details.
Memorandum and Articles of Association
Memorandum and Articles of Association are legal documents that define the structure, governance, and regulations of a company, specifying its...
Shareholder Buy-Sell Agreement
A Shareholder Buy-Sell Agreement outlines the terms for buying or selling shares among shareholders, specifying triggering events, purchase price,...
Partnership Buyout Agreement
A Partnership Buyout Agreement details the buyout of a partner's interest in a partnership, specifying the buyout terms, valuation methods, and...
Shareholder Voting Agreement
A Shareholder Voting Agreement regulates voting rights and decisions of shareholders, specifying voting procedures, rights restrictions, and dispute...
Real Estate

Agreements dealing with property, including leases, purchase, and sale of real estate.

Lease Agreement
Governs the rental of real property, detailing rent, responsibilities, and lease duration.
Lease Termination Agreement
Ends a lease prematurely, defining conditions and responsibilities for both parties.
Estate Planning Documents (Will, Trust, Power of Attorney)
Dictate asset distribution and medical decisions upon incapacity or death.
Real Estate Purchase Agreement
For buying or selling real property, detailing the property's description, price, and contingencies.
Construction Contract
Defines terms for construction projects, including scope, timeline, and payment milestones.
Lease Renewal Agreement
Extends the terms of an existing lease, specifying renewal options, rent adjustments, and any new terms.
Real Property Easement Agreement
Grants easement rights on a property, specifying the nature and scope of the easement, access rights, maintenance responsibilities, and compensation...
Construction Contract
Governs the construction of a building or structure, outlining project details, timelines, responsibilities, and payment terms.
Architect Agreement
Defines the scope of architectural services for a construction project, including design, specifications, and architect's fees.
Construction Management Agreement
Outlines the responsibilities and services of a construction manager overseeing a construction project, specifying management tasks.
Property Management Agreement
Outlines terms for property management services, including rent collection, maintenance, repairs, and management fees.
Tenancy Agreement
A Tenancy Agreement outlines the terms and conditions for renting a property, specifying rent, lease duration, responsibilities of the landlord and...
Power of Attorney
A Power of Attorney grants someone legal authority to act on behalf of another person in financial, legal, or healthcare matters.
Trust Deed
A Trust Deed is a legal document that creates a trust and defines its terms, including the trust's purpose, trustee's duties, and distribution of...
Real Estate Listing Agreement
A Real Estate Listing Agreement authorizes a real estate agent to represent a property seller, specifying the agent's duties, commission, and the...
Operating Lease Agreement
An Operating Lease Agreement outlines the terms for leasing equipment or property, specifying lease duration, rental payments, and responsibilities...
Commercial Lease Agreement
A Commercial Lease Agreement outlines the terms for leasing commercial property, specifying rent, lease duration, maintenance responsibilities, and...
Real Estate Development Agreement
A Real Estate Development Agreement governs the development of real estate properties, specifying development terms, financing arrangements, and...
Sublease Agreement
A Sublease Agreement allows a tenant to sublease all or part of their leased premises to another party, specifying sublease terms, rent, and...
Lease Amendment Agreement
A Lease Amendment Agreement modifies the terms of an existing lease, specifying amendments to rent, lease duration, and other lease provisions.
Retail Space Lease Agreement
A Retail Space Lease Agreement outlines the terms for leasing retail space, specifying rent, maintenance obligations, and any specific retail use...
Lease Purchase Agreement
A Lease Purchase Agreement combines lease and purchase terms for property or equipment, specifying lease duration, purchase option, and terms for...
Commercial Real Estate Lease Agreement
A Commercial Real Estate Lease Agreement governs the leasing of commercial real estate, specifying rent, lease duration, maintenance, and additional...
Business Asset Lease Agreement
An agreement for leasing business assets, specifying leased assets, terms, rental payments, and responsibilities.
Real Estate Investment Agreement
An agreement outlining terms for real estate investment, including investment details, ownership, and profit-sharing arrangements.
Real Estate Assignment Agreement
An agreement assigning real estate interests or rights to another party, specifying assignment terms and any required approvals.
Real Estate Lease Extension Agreement
An agreement extending the lease of real estate property, specifying extension terms, rent adjustments, and any additional conditions.
Real Estate Brokerage Agreement
An agreement engaging a real estate broker, specifying brokerage services, commissions, and responsibilities in real estate transactions.
Real Estate Escrow Agreement
An agreement establishing an escrow arrangement for real estate transactions, specifying escrow terms, release conditions, and responsibilities.
Real Estate Financing Agreement
An agreement securing financing for real estate transactions, specifying loan terms, interest rates, collateral, and repayment schedules.
Real Estate Lease Termination Agreement (Tenant)
An agreement allowing a tenant to terminate a lease agreement for real estate, specifying termination terms, notice requirements, and any associated...
Real Estate Lease Termination Agreement (Landlord)
An agreement allowing a landlord to terminate a lease agreement for real estate, specifying termination terms, notice requirements, and any...
Real Estate Refinancing Agreement
An agreement refinancing existing real estate loans or mortgages, specifying new financing terms, interest rates, and repayment schedules to replace...
Real Estate Property Management Agreement
An agreement for property management services, specifying property management responsibilities, fees, maintenance, and tenant-related matters for...
Real Estate Closing Statement Agreement
An agreement detailing the financial aspects of a real estate transaction, specifying closing costs, payments, and distribution of funds.
Ascension Deed
An Ascension Deed is used to transfer property or assets to a new owner, often after the death of the original owner, specifying the legal transfer...

Contracts and agreements governing the provision of services, including consulting, marketing, service franchise, event services and professional work

Service Agreement
Defines the scope of services provided by a service provider to a client.
Consulting Agreement
Establishes terms for consulting services, including deliverables and compensation.
Technical Services Agreement
Details technical support services, specifying service levels, response times, and support hours.
Maintenance Agreement
Specifies maintenance services for equipment or software, outlining maintenance responsibilities and service levels.
Consulting Services Agreement
Details consulting services and fees, specifying consulting scope, deliverables, payment terms, and confidentiality.
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Defines service levels and support for services, specifying service availability, response times, maintenance windows, penalties for breaches, and...
Software Maintenance Agreement
Specifies ongoing software maintenance and support services, including updates, bug fixes, and response times for support.
Service Franchise Agreement
Governs the relationship between a franchisor and a service franchisee, detailing services, fees, royalties, and franchisee obligations.
Retainer Agreement
A Retainer Agreement is used to secure the services of a professional or consultant, specifying the scope of work, retainer fees, and terms of the...
Security Provision Agreement
A Security Provision Agreement outlines terms for providing security services, specifying security requirements, responsibilities, and fees, often...
Consultancy Agreement
A Consultancy Agreement defines terms for consulting services, specifying consulting scope, deliverables, payment, and intellectual property rights...
Master Services Agreement
A Master Services Agreement defines the terms for ongoing services between parties, specifying service scope, payment terms, and responsibilities,...
Vendor Service Agreement
A Vendor Service Agreement governs services provided by a vendor, specifying the scope of work, pricing, delivery, and any warranties or quality...
Software Support and Maintenance Agreement
A Software Support and Maintenance Agreement provides support and maintenance services for software, specifying support levels, response times,...
Transportation Services Agreement
A Transportation Services Agreement outlines terms for transportation services, specifying service types, routes, pricing, service levels, and...
Website Hosting Agreement
A Website Hosting Agreement provides website hosting services, specifying hosting terms, server resources, uptime guarantees, and responsibilities of...
Agency Services Agreement
An agreement engaging an agency for specific services, outlining service details, fees, and responsibilities.
Service Subscription Renewal Agreement
An agreement renewing service subscriptions, specifying renewal terms, subscription fees, and any changes to the subscription terms or services...
Gas Transportation Agreement
A Gas Transportation Agreement outlines terms for transporting natural gas, specifying volumes, tariffs, delivery points, and responsibilities of the...
Gas Sale and Purchase Agreement
A Gas Sale and Purchase Agreement governs the sale and purchase of natural gas, specifying pricing, delivery, quality standards, and dispute...
Financing and Investment

Agreements related to loans, investments, financing and ensuring clarity on terms and conditions of financial transactions.

Loan Agreement
Specifies terms for lending or borrowing money, such as interest rates and repayment schedules.
Investment Agreement
Outlines terms for investments in businesses, specifying investment amounts, equity stakes, and investor rights.
Option Agreement
Grants the right to purchase or lease assets in the future, specifying the option price, duration, and exercise conditions.
Share Pledge Agreement
Secures a loan with company shares, specifying the number and type of shares pledged as collateral, conditions for release, and default consequences.
Research Grant Agreement
Details research funding and obligations, specifying research goals, budget allocation, reporting requirements, and intellectual property rights.
Promissory Note
A promissory note is a written promise to repay a loan, specifying the loan amount, interest rate, repayment schedule, and consequences of default.
Investor Rights Agreement
This agreement outlines the rights and obligations of investors in a company, including voting rights, information access, and exit provisions.
Security Agreement
Creates a security interest in collateral to secure a loan, outlining collateral details, default consequences, and lender rights.
Debt Settlement Agreement
Resolves debt-related disputes, specifying terms of debt repayment, settlement amounts, payment schedules, and debt release conditions.
A Mortgage Agreement is a contract for borrowing money to purchase real estate, with the property serving as collateral for the loan.
Trusts Agreement
A Trusts Agreement defines the terms and conditions of a trust, specifying the trustee's responsibilities, beneficiaries, and how trust assets are...
Letters of Credit
Letters of Credit are financial instruments used in international trade to ensure payment to a seller, often issued by a bank, guaranteeing payment...
A Subordination Agreement changes the priority of existing debt or obligations, often allowing one creditor to take a subordinate position to...
Derivatives Contracts – Futures
Derivatives Contracts for Futures are agreements to buy or sell assets at a future date at a predetermined price, often used in commodities and...
Asset Manager Agreement
An Asset Manager Agreement outlines the terms for managing investment portfolios or assets, specifying fees, performance expectations, and the scope...
Guarantees and Commitments Agreement
Guarantees and Commitments Agreements outline financial guarantees or commitments to fulfill obligations, often used in financial and lending...
Portfolio Management Agreement
A Portfolio Management Agreement defines the terms for managing investment portfolios on behalf of clients, specifying investment strategies, fees,...
Tax Management/Monitoring Agreement
A Tax Management/Monitoring Agreement outlines the terms for managing and monitoring tax matters, often used by businesses to ensure compliance and...
Debt Purchase Agreement
A Debt Purchase Agreement involves the sale of debt or loan portfolios, specifying the terms of the sale, purchase price, and transfer of ownership...
Share Pledge
A Share Pledge Agreement allows a party to pledge shares as collateral for a loan, specifying the terms of the pledge, repayment, and enforcement...
Share Transfer
A Share Transfer Agreement is used to transfer ownership of shares from one party to another, specifying the parties involved, share details, and...
Subscription to Offer
A Subscription to Offer Agreement is used when investors subscribe to purchase shares or securities in an offering, specifying subscription terms,...
Bonds/Commercial Papers/Notes Agreement
Bonds, Commercial Papers, and Notes Agreements define the terms of debt securities, including issuance terms, interest rates, and repayment...
Advance Payment Bonds/Guarantees
Advance Payment Bonds or Guarantees are financial instruments that guarantee the repayment of advance payments made in construction or procurement...
Stock Option Agreement
A Stock Option Agreement grants employees or stakeholders the right to purchase company shares, specifying grant terms, exercise price, and vesting...
Loan Modification Agreement
A Loan Modification Agreement amends the terms of an existing loan, specifying modifications to interest rates, repayment schedules, and loan...
Trust Termination Agreement
A Trust Termination Agreement formalizes the termination of a trust, specifying the trust's assets' distribution, trustee's responsibilities, and...
Equity Investment Agreement
An Equity Investment Agreement details terms for investing in a company in exchange for equity, specifying investment amount, equity share, and...
Investment Advisory Agreement
An Investment Advisory Agreement formalizes the relationship between an investment advisor and a client, specifying advisory services, fees, and...
Investment Management Agreement
An Investment Management Agreement defines terms for managing investments on behalf of clients, specifying investment strategies, fees, and reporting...
Business Loan Agreement
A Business Loan Agreement outlines terms for loans to businesses, specifying loan terms, interest rates, repayment schedules, and loan conditions,...
Equipment Financing Agreement
An agreement for financing equipment acquisition, outlining terms, interest rates, repayment schedules, and equipment-related details.
Investment Subscription Agreement
An agreement for individuals or entities to subscribe to investment opportunities, specifying subscription terms, contributions, and...
Investment Syndication Agreement
An agreement for syndicating investments among multiple investors, specifying syndication terms, investment amounts, profit-sharing arrangements, and...
Licensing and Distribution

Agreements for licensing intellectual property, distribution of goods, or software distribution.

Licensing Agreement
Grants permission to use intellectual property, specifying terms, and any royalties or fees.
Distribution Agreement
Governs product distribution, including territories, responsibilities, and sales targets.
Supply Chain Agreement
Governs relationships within a supply chain, including procurement, logistics, and performance metrics.
Consignment Agreement
Defines terms for consigning goods for sale, specifying ownership, pricing, and sales commissions.
Licensing and Distribution Agreement
Combines licensing and distribution terms, allowing the licensee to distribute licensed products or services.
Cross-License Agreement
Involves the exchange of intellectual property rights between parties, allowing each party to use the other's IP within defined terms.
Sublicensing Agreement
Grants sublicensing rights for intellectual property, allowing the sublicensee to further license the IP to third parties within specified terms.
Cross-Trademark License Agreement
Allows parties to use each other's trademarks within defined contexts, detailing usage guidelines and restrictions for trademark use.
Software Licensing and Maintenance Agreement
Combines software licensing terms with ongoing maintenance and support services, specifying licensing fees and support obligations.
Vendor Agreement
Defines terms for vendors providing goods or services to a business, including delivery, pricing, quality standards, and payment.
Licensing and Royalty Agreement
A Licensing and Royalty Agreement grants a licensee the rights to use certain intellectual property in exchange for royalty payments, specifying...
Licensing of Name and Likeness Agreement
A Licensing of Name and Likeness Agreement grants rights to use a person's name or likeness, specifying licensing terms, usage restrictions, and...
Media Rights Agreement
A Media Rights Agreement outlines the rights and terms for the use and distribution of media content, such as films, TV shows, or digital media,...
Venue Licensing Agreement
A Venue Licensing Agreement grants rights to use a venue for specific purposes, specifying licensing terms, permitted uses, fees, and any...
Music Distribution Agreement
A Music Distribution Agreement governs the distribution of music, specifying distribution channels, royalties, distribution terms, and rights of...
Music License Agreement
A Music License Agreement grants rights to use music, specifying licensing terms, royalties, usage restrictions, and payment provisions for the...
Software Reseller Agreement
A Software Reseller Agreement governs software resale arrangements, specifying resale terms, pricing, licensing restrictions, and responsibilities of...
Distribution and Supply Agreement
A Distribution and Supply Agreement outlines terms for the distribution and supply of goods, specifying distribution channels, pricing, delivery...
Vendor Licensing Agreement
A Vendor Licensing Agreement grants rights to use vendor licenses, specifying licensing terms, fees, usage restrictions, and ownership details for...
Brand Licensing Agreement
A Brand Licensing Agreement grants rights to use and license a brand name or logo, specifying licensing terms, royalties, usage restrictions, and...
IP Assignment and License Agreement
An IP Assignment and License Agreement assigns and licenses intellectual property rights, specifying assignment terms, licensing conditions,...
Trademark License and Assignment Agreement
A Trademark License and Assignment Agreement grants rights to use and assign trademarks, specifying licensing terms, assignment conditions,...
Technology Licensing Agreement
An agreement allowing the licensing of technology, specifying terms and conditions for its use and potential royalties.
Distribution Rights Agreement
An agreement outlining the distribution rights for a product or content, defining distribution channels and terms.
Software Evaluation Agreement
An agreement allowing the evaluation and testing of software, specifying the scope of evaluation and any restrictions.
Art Commission Agreement
An agreement commissioning an artist for creating artwork, specifying the artwork's details, payment, and rights.
Licensing and Distribution of Software Agreement
An agreement allowing the licensing and distribution of software, specifying licensing terms, distribution channels, and royalties.
Licensing and Distribution of Artwork Agreement
An agreement allowing the licensing and distribution of artwork, specifying licensing terms, distribution channels, and royalties.
Exclusive License Agreement
An agreement granting exclusive rights to use a particular asset or content, specifying exclusivity scope, duration, and limitations.
Patent Licensing and Royalty Agreement
An agreement permitting the licensing of patents, specifying licensing terms, royalties, and conditions for patent use.
Licensing and Distribution of Media Agreement
An agreement allowing the licensing and distribution of media content, specifying licensing terms, distribution channels, and royalties.
Music Licensing and Distribution Agreement
An agreement allowing the licensing and distribution of music, specifying licensing terms, distribution channels, and royalties.
Publishing and Distribution Agreement
An agreement for publishing and distributing written or digital content, specifying publication terms, distribution channels, and royalties.
Licensing and Distribution of Photographs Agreement
An agreement allowing the licensing and distribution of photographs, specifying licensing terms, distribution channels, and royalties.
Licensing and Distribution of Videos Agreement
An agreement allowing the licensing and distribution of videos, specifying licensing terms, distribution channels, and royalties.
Licensing and Distribution of Educational Software Agreement
An agreement allowing the licensing and distribution of educational software, specifying licensing terms, distribution channels, royalties, and usage...

Agreements for website development, hosting, and usage, including EULAs and terms of service.

Terms of Service/User Agreement
Governs website or software usage, outlining user rights and responsibilities and any restrictions.
Privacy Policy
Explains data collection and use practices, including user privacy rights and data protection.
Software as a Service (SaaS) Agreement
Defines terms and conditions for using Software as a Service, specifying subscription terms, service levels, support, data security, and intellectual...
Product Development Agreement
Outlines terms for developing new products, specifying development stages, responsibilities, testing, and intellectual property ownership.
Joint Development Agreement
Defines terms for jointly developing products or technologies, specifying contributions, ownership, and commercialization arrangements.
Software Escrow Agreement
Establishes an escrow arrangement for software source code, ensuring access in case of certain events, such as bankruptcy or breaches.
Technology Transfer
Technology Transfer agreements involve the transfer of technology or intellectual property rights, specifying licensing terms, royalties, and usage...
EULA (End-User License Agreement)
An EULA (End-User License Agreement) sets forth the terms for software or digital product use, specifying licensing conditions, restrictions, and...
Data Processing Agreement
A Data Processing Agreement governs the processing of personal data, specifying data protection obligations, processing purposes, and data transfer...
Mobile App Development Agreement
A Mobile App Development Agreement outlines the terms for developing a mobile application, specifying project scope, features, development...
Data Processing Agreement (GDPR Compliance)
A Data Processing Agreement ensures GDPR compliance for the processing of personal data, specifying data protection obligations, data processing...
Software Integration Agreement
An agreement for integrating software systems, specifying integration scope, technical requirements, and responsibilities.
Software Maintenance and Support Agreement
An agreement for software maintenance and support services, specifying support levels, response times, maintenance schedules, and fees.
Dispute Resolution

Agreements focused on resolving disputes, including arbitration, settlement, and mediation.

Settlement Agreement
Resolves disputes without litigation, specifying terms and conditions for resolution.
Arbitration Agreement
Establishes a method for dispute resolution through arbitration rather than the court system.
Release and Settlement Agreement
Resolves disputes or claims between parties, outlining the terms of settlement, including payments, releases, and confidentiality.
A sworn written statement used as evidence in legal proceedings or to confirm facts under oath, often notarized for authenticity.
Discharge and Release
A Discharge and Release Agreement is used to settle a legal claim or dispute, releasing one party from liability in exchange for payment or other...
Arbitration Agreement
An Arbitration Agreement stipulates that disputes will be resolved through arbitration rather than litigation, specifying the arbitration process,...
Arbitration Funding Agreement
An Arbitration Funding Agreement provides funding for arbitration proceedings, specifying funding terms, repayment conditions, and allocation of...
Mutual Release Agreement
A Mutual Release Agreement formalizes the mutual release of claims between parties, specifying release terms, obligations, and the scope of claims...

Agreements involving familial matters such as prenuptial, postnuptial, parenting plans, and divorce.

Prenuptial Agreement
Defines financial terms in a marriage, addressing property division and spousal support in case of divorce.
Divorce Settlement Agreement
Resolves divorce-related issues, including property division, child custody, and support arrangements.
Child Custody Agreement
Outlines child custody arrangements, including visitation schedules and parental responsibilities.
Child Support Agreement
Specifies child support payments and related financial obligations.
Cohabitation Agreement
Defines rights and responsibilities in unmarried couples' relationships, covering property and support.
Postnuptial Agreement
Similar to a prenuptial agreement but entered into after marriage, it specifies financial matters and asset division in the event of separation.
Parenting Plan Agreement
Details child custody and visitation arrangements in cases of divorce or separation, specifying parenting responsibilities and schedules.

Agreements dealing with intellectual property rights, such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement
Transfers intellectual property rights from one party to another.
Intellectual Property License Agreement
Grants rights to use specific intellectual property, detailing licensing fees, duration, and usage restrictions.
Royalty Agreement
Specifies royalty payments for using intellectual property, outlining payment terms, rates, and reporting requirements.
Trademark Assignment Agreement
Transfers ownership of trademarks from one party to another, specifying trademarks, consideration, and warranties.
Development Agreement
Outlines terms for developing software or other products, specifying deliverables, milestones, and payment arrangements.
Website Development Agreement
Defines terms for creating and maintaining websites, including project scope, development timeline, and payment terms.
Content Licensing Agreement
Grants rights to use and distribute content, specifying content, distribution channels, royalties, and usage restrictions.
Trade Secret Agreement
Protects trade secrets within a company, specifying what constitutes a trade secret, confidentiality requirements, and remedies for breaches.
Trademark Coexistence Agreement
Allows multiple parties to use similar trademarks within specified contexts or territories, outlining the scope of usage, coexistence terms, and...
Intellectual Property Protection Agreement
An Intellectual Property Protection Agreement safeguards intellectual property rights, specifying protective measures, confidentiality, and dispute...
Licensing and Assignment of Invention Agreement
A Licensing and Assignment of Invention Agreement grants a licensee rights to use and assign inventions, specifying licensing terms, assignment...
Intellectual Property Security Agreement
An Intellectual Property Security Agreement secures intellectual property rights, specifying security measures, confidentiality provisions, and...
License of Trademark Agreement
A License of Trademark Agreement grants rights to use and license trademarks, specifying licensing terms, royalties, usage restrictions, and...
Trade Secret Protection Agreement
An agreement to protect trade secrets, specifying measures, confidentiality provisions, and dispute resolution for safeguarding sensitive information.
Video Game Development Agreement
An agreement outlining the development of a video game, specifying project scope, milestones, fees, and intellectual property rights.
Intellectual Property Valuation Agreement
An agreement valuing intellectual property assets, specifying valuation methods, experts, and dispute resolution processes.

Agreements between parties to collaborate on projects, research, and development efforts, ensuring clear terms for cooperation.

Promotion Agreement
Details terms of promotions, including marketing strategies and promotional activities.
Agency Agreement
Appoints an agent to act on behalf of another party, specifying authority and responsibilities.
Vendor Agreement
Contracts with suppliers or vendors for the purchase of goods or services, including terms and pricing.
Promotion and Marketing Agreement
Outlines terms for promotional and marketing activities, including advertising campaigns and collaborations.
Research and Development Agreement
Governs collaborative research and development efforts, including project scope and IP ownership.
Agency Appointment Agreement
Appoints agents for representation, specifying their authority and responsibilities.
Research Collaboration Agreement
Governs research partnerships between organizations, detailing research goals, funding, and intellectual property rights.
Subcontractor Agreement
Outlines terms for subcontracted work, specifying subcontractor responsibilities, deliverables, and payment arrangements.
Research Agreement
A Research Agreement governs research collaborations, specifying research objectives, responsibilities, funding, and intellectual property rights.
Research Collaboration and Data Sharing Agreement
An agreement for research collaboration and data sharing, specifying research objectives, data sharing terms, confidentiality provisions, and...
Sales and Marketing

Contracts and agreements related to sales, marketing, and promotions, including distribution, advertising, and sales commission agreements.

Sales Agreement
For buying or selling assets or real estate, outlining terms, conditions, and payment arrangements.
Affiliate Agreement
Governs affiliate marketing relationships, outlining commission structures and marketing obligations.
Marketing Agreement
Specifies marketing services and compensation, outlining marketing strategies, campaigns, and performance metrics.
Digital Marketing Agreement
Specifies digital marketing services, outlining online marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, performance metrics, and payment arrangements.
Distribution and Sales Agreement
Defines terms for distributing and selling products or services, including territory, pricing, and sales quotas or performance metrics.
Sales Representative Agreement
A Sales Representative Agreement establishes a relationship with sales representatives, specifying sales territories, commissions, and...
Joint Marketing Agreement
A Joint Marketing Agreement formalizes marketing collaborations between businesses, specifying marketing activities, cost-sharing, and...
Wholesale Agreement
A Wholesale Agreement governs wholesale transactions, specifying terms for purchasing and reselling goods, pricing, payment terms, and order...
Sales Commission Agreement
A Sales Commission Agreement outlines terms for commission-based sales, specifying commission rates, sales targets, payment schedules, and commission...
Brand Ambassador Agreement
A Brand Ambassador Agreement outlines terms for brand ambassadorships, specifying ambassador obligations, compensation, exclusivity, and termination...
Promotional Agreement
A Promotional Agreement governs promotional activities, specifying promotional terms, advertising methods, responsibilities, and any incentives or...
Joint Promotion Agreement
A Joint Promotion Agreement formalizes collaborations for joint promotional activities, specifying promotional methods, costs, revenue-sharing, and...
Influencer Collaboration Agreement
An Influencer Collaboration Agreement outlines terms for collaborations with influencers, specifying campaign details, compensation, content rights,...
Sales Rep Commission Agreement
A Sales Representative Commission Agreement outlines terms for commission-based sales, specifying commission rates, sales targets, payment schedules,...
Co-Marketing Agreement
An agreement between companies to collaborate on marketing efforts, sharing resources and strategies for mutual promotion.
Sales and Marketing Agreement
An agreement outlining sales and marketing collaboration, specifying responsibilities, strategies, and revenue-sharing.
Distribution and Marketing Agreement
An agreement combining distribution and marketing efforts, specifying distribution channels, marketing strategies, and revenue-sharing.
Marketing and Advertising Services Agreement
An agreement for marketing and advertising services, specifying services, advertising channels, fees, and responsibilities.
Marketing Collaboration Agreement
An agreement for collaboration on marketing efforts, specifying collaborative strategies, marketing channels, shared resources, and responsibilities.
Social Media Marketing Agreement
An agreement for social media marketing services, specifying marketing strategies, social media platforms, content creation, posting schedules, and...

Agreements for shipping and logistics, including bills of lading and transportation services.

Freight Contract
Specifies terms for shipping goods, including shipping methods, costs, and delivery schedules.
Supply Agreement for Goods
Defines terms for supplying goods, specifying goods, delivery schedules, pricing, quality standards, inspection procedures, and dispute resolution.
Production Sharing
A Production Sharing Agreement is used in the oil and gas industry, specifying the sharing of production, costs, and revenues among parties involved...
Offshore Drilling Agreement
An Offshore Drilling Agreement outlines terms for drilling for oil and gas in offshore locations, specifying drilling rights, responsibilities,...

Contracts that address issues of liability and indemnification, ensuring the parties involved understand and mitigate potential risks.

Insurance Policy
Outlines coverage and terms of insurance, specifying premiums, coverage limits, and deductibles.
Hold Harmless Agreement
Limits liability in certain situations, ensuring one party indemnifies another against potential claims.
Waiver/Release of Liability
Releases parties from certain claims and liabilities related to specific activities or events.
Indemnity Agreement
An Indemnity Agreement outlines the terms of indemnification, where one party agrees to protect another from certain losses or liabilities,...

Agreements related to media rights, production, distribution, and licensing of media content.

Media Release Agreement
Provides permission to use an individual's likeness or content for media purposes.
Media Production Agreement
Outlines terms for producing and distributing media content, specifying roles, budgets, and distribution rights.
Music Recording Contract
Outlines terms for recording and distributing music, specifying artist compensation, recording schedules, and rights.
Broadcasting Agreement
Governs terms for broadcasting content, including broadcast rights, royalties, and content delivery specifications.
Content Development Agreement
Outlines terms for creating content, such as articles, videos, or graphics, specifying content requirements, delivery, and compensation.
Music Publishing Agreement
Governs the distribution and licensing of music compositions, specifying royalties, copyright ownership, and distribution channels.
Product Endorsement Agreement
Defines terms for product endorsements by individuals or celebrities, specifying compensation, promotional obligations, and exclusivity.
Celebrity Appearance Agreement
Defines terms for celebrity appearances at events, specifying fees, travel arrangements, promotional activities, and endorsements.
Artwork Licensing Agreement
Grants rights to use and reproduce artworks, specifying licensing fees, usage restrictions, royalties, and copyright ownership.
Digital Content Distribution Agreement
A Digital Content Distribution Agreement governs the distribution of digital content, specifying content licensing, distribution channels, revenue...
Publishing Agreement
A Publishing Agreement governs the publication of literary works, specifying publishing rights, royalties, publication schedules, and distribution...
Ghostwriting Agreement
A Ghostwriting Agreement establishes the terms for ghostwriting services, specifying project scope, payment, authorship attribution, and...
Content Production Agreement
A Content Production Agreement outlines terms for producing content, such as films or videos, specifying production details, costs, intellectual...
Artist Management Agreement
An Artist Management Agreement outlines the terms for artist representation, specifying management fees, contract duration, promotional efforts, and...
Artist Recording Agreement
An Artist Recording Agreement outlines terms for recording and distributing music, specifying recording sessions, royalties, distribution rights, and...
Video Production Agreement
A Video Production Agreement outlines terms for video production services, specifying project scope, video production details, costs, ownership of...
Art Exhibition Agreement
An agreement for hosting art exhibitions, specifying exhibition details, display terms, commissions, and responsibilities.
Music Publishing and Royalty Agreement
An agreement for music publishing and royalty distribution, specifying royalty rates, distribution channels, intellectual property rights, and...
Consent Forms

Legal documents, including medical consent forms and background check consent, used to obtain permission for specific actions or procedures.

Medical Consent Form
Obtains consent from a patient for medical procedures or treatment, explaining risks, benefits, alternatives, and confidentiality.
Model Release Form
Obtains permission from a model to use their likeness in photographs or videos, specifying usage rights, compensation, and releases.

Contracts for freelance work, covering various fields, such as writing, photography, and creative services, with terms and expectations clearly outlined.

Freelance Contract
Outlines the terms of a freelance or independent contractor engagement, specifying deliverables, payment, deadlines, and work quality.

Agreements related to environmental protection and compliance, including impact assessments and environmental compliance agreements.

Environmental Impact Assessment Agreement
Governs the assessment of environmental impacts for development projects, specifying study parameters and reporting requirements.
Environmental Compliance Agreement
Ensures compliance with environmental regulations, specifying actions, reporting, penalties, and environmental protection measures.

Agreements pertaining to the manufacturing and supply of goods and products.

Manufacturing Agreement
A Manufacturing Agreement outlines terms for manufacturing goods by a third party, specifying production details, quality standards, pricing, and...
Manufacturing and Supply Agreement
A Manufacturing and Supply Agreement outlines terms for manufacturing and supplying goods, specifying production, quality, pricing, delivery, and any...
Manufacturing and Distribution Agreement
A Manufacturing and Distribution Agreement combines manufacturing and distribution arrangements, specifying production, supply, distribution,...

Agreements pertaining to Events management

Event Sponsorship Agreement
Defines sponsorship terms for events, including sponsorship fees, benefits, and marketing obligations.
Event Planning Agreement
Outlines services for event planning and coordination, specifying event details, budget, responsibilities, and payment terms.
Event Venue Rental Agreement
Specifies terms for renting a venue for events, including rental fees, event dates, and venue usage rules and restrictions.
Event Photography Agreement
Details the terms for event photography services, including coverage, deliverables, usage rights, and payment arrangements.