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Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Protects confidential information by prohibiting its disclosure to third parties. more

Employment Agreement

Outlines terms and conditions of employment, including roles, responsibilities, and compensation. more

Partnership Agreement

Defines terms for business partnerships, including profit-sharing and decision-making arrangements. more

Operating Agreement

Governs the operation of limited liability companies (LLCs), specifying member rights and duties. more

Shareholder Agreement

Outlines rights and responsibilities of shareholders in a corporation. more

Lease Agreement

Governs the rental of real property, detailing rent, responsibilities, and lease duration. more

Purchase Agreement

Specifies terms for buying or selling goods or services, including price, delivery, and warranties. more

Service Agreement

Defines the scope of services provided by a service provider to a client. more

Consulting Agreement

Establishes terms for consulting services, including deliverables and compensation. more

Franchise Agreement

Details the relationship between a franchisor and franchisee, including fees and obligations. more

Loan Agreement

Specifies terms for lending or borrowing money, such as interest rates and repayment schedules. more

Employment Offer Letter

Formalizes a job offer, including job title, salary, and start date. more

Independent Contractor Agreement

Defines terms for contractors working independently, covering work scope and payment arrangements. more

Licensing Agreement

Grants permission to use intellectual property, specifying terms, and any royalties or fees. more

Terms of Service/User Agreement

Governs website or software usage, outlining user rights and responsibilities and any restrictions. more

Privacy Policy

Explains data collection and use practices, including user privacy rights and data protection. more

Lease Termination Agreement

Ends a lease prematurely, defining conditions and responsibilities for both parties. more

Confidentiality Agreement

Similar to an NDA but broader, covering a wider range of confidential information. more

Settlement Agreement

Resolves disputes without litigation, specifying terms and conditions for resolution. more

Arbitration Agreement

Establishes a method for dispute resolution through arbitration rather than the court system. more

Prenuptial Agreement

Defines financial terms in a marriage, addressing property division and spousal support in case of divorce. more

Divorce Settlement Agreement

Resolves divorce-related issues, including property division, child custody, and support arrangements. more

Child Custody Agreement

Outlines child custody arrangements, including visitation schedules and parental responsibilities. more

Child Support Agreement

Specifies child support payments and related financial obligations. more

Cohabitation Agreement

Defines rights and responsibilities in unmarried couples' relationships, covering property and support. more

Estate Planning Documents (Will, Trust, Power of Attorney)

Dictate asset distribution and medical decisions upon incapacity or death. more

Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement

Transfers intellectual property rights from one party to another. more

Non Compete Agreement

Restricts competition by former employees or business associates for a specified period. more

Promotion Agreement

Details terms of promotions, including marketing strategies and promotional activities. more

Agency Agreement

Appoints an agent to act on behalf of another party, specifying authority and responsibilities. more

Vendor Agreement

Contracts with suppliers or vendors for the purchase of goods or services, including terms and pricing. more

Distribution Agreement

Governs product distribution, including territories, responsibilities, and sales targets. more

Sales Agreement

For buying or selling assets or real estate, outlining terms, conditions, and payment arrangements. more

Freight Contract

Specifies terms for shipping goods, including shipping methods, costs, and delivery schedules. more

Real Estate Purchase Agreement

For buying or selling real property, detailing the property's description, price, and contingencies. more

Construction Contract

Defines terms for construction projects, including scope, timeline, and payment milestones. more

Insurance Policy

Outlines coverage and terms of insurance, specifying premiums, coverage limits, and deductibles. more

Employee Handbook

Sets workplace rules and policies, including employment conditions, code of conduct, and benefits. more

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

A preliminary agreement outlining mutual understanding between parties before formalizing a contract. more

Hold Harmless Agreement

Limits liability in certain situations, ensuring one party indemnifies another against potential claims. more

Affiliate Agreement

Governs affiliate marketing relationships, outlining commission structures and marketing obligations. more

Media Release Agreement

Provides permission to use an individual's likeness or content for media purposes. more

Waiver/Release of Liability

Releases parties from certain claims and liabilities related to specific activities or events. more

Promotion and Marketing Agreement

Outlines terms for promotional and marketing activities, including advertising campaigns and collaborations. more

Research and Development Agreement

Governs collaborative research and development efforts, including project scope and IP ownership. more

Agency Appointment Agreement

Appoints agents for representation, specifying their authority and responsibilities. more

Supply Agreement

Specifies terms for supplying goods or materials, including delivery schedules and pricing agreements. more

Joint Venture Agreement

Governs partnerships between entities for specific projects, outlining contributions, responsibilities, and profit-sharing. more

Non Relocation Agreement

Prevents a business from relocating within a specified geographic area during the contract term, maintaining a physical presence. more

Media Production Agreement

Outlines terms for producing and distributing media content, specifying roles, budgets, and distribution rights. more

Event Sponsorship Agreement

Defines sponsorship terms for events, including sponsorship fees, benefits, and marketing obligations. more

Intellectual Property License Agreement

Grants rights to use specific intellectual property, detailing licensing fees, duration, and usage restrictions. more

Royalty Agreement

Specifies royalty payments for using intellectual property, outlining payment terms, rates, and reporting requirements. more

Supply Chain Agreement

Governs relationships within a supply chain, including procurement, logistics, and performance metrics. more

Consignment Agreement

Defines terms for consigning goods for sale, specifying ownership, pricing, and sales commissions. more

Licensing and Distribution Agreement

Combines licensing and distribution terms, allowing the licensee to distribute licensed products or services. more

Strategic Partnership Agreement

Establishes terms for strategic business alliances, including goals, contributions, and management structure. more

Investment Agreement

Outlines terms for investments in businesses, specifying investment amounts, equity stakes, and investor rights. more

Option Agreement

Grants the right to purchase or lease assets in the future, specifying the option price, duration, and exercise conditions. more

Employer Employee Confidentiality Agreement

Protects sensitive information within a company, preventing employees from disclosing or using confidential data. more

Research Collaboration Agreement

Governs research partnerships between organizations, detailing research goals, funding, and intellectual property rights. more

Asset Purchase Agreement

Defines terms for buying/selling specific assets, including asset descriptions, purchase price, and closing conditions. more

Technical Services Agreement

Details technical support services, specifying service levels, response times, and support hours. more

Trademark Assignment Agreement

Transfers ownership of trademarks from one party to another, specifying trademarks, consideration, and warranties. more

Lease Renewal Agreement

Extends the terms of an existing lease, specifying renewal options, rent adjustments, and any new terms. more

Maintenance Agreement

Specifies maintenance services for equipment or software, outlining maintenance responsibilities and service levels. more

Development Agreement

Outlines terms for developing software or other products, specifying deliverables, milestones, and payment arrangements. more

Website Development Agreement

Defines terms for creating and maintaining websites, including project scope, development timeline, and payment terms. more

Content Licensing Agreement

Grants rights to use and distribute content, specifying content, distribution channels, royalties, and usage restrictions. more

Subcontractor Agreement

Outlines terms for subcontracted work, specifying subcontractor responsibilities, deliverables, and payment arrangements. more

Consulting Services Agreement

Details consulting services and fees, specifying consulting scope, deliverables, payment terms, and confidentiality. more

Product Distribution Agreement

Specifies the distribution of products, including territories, pricing, marketing support, and delivery terms. more

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Grants exclusive distribution rights to a distributor within a specific market or region, outlining exclusivity terms and obligations. more

Music Recording Contract

Outlines terms for recording and distributing music, specifying artist compensation, recording schedules, and rights. more

Broadcasting Agreement

Governs terms for broadcasting content, including broadcast rights, royalties, and content delivery specifications. more

Cross License Agreement

Involves the exchange of intellectual property rights between parties, allowing each party to use the other's IP within defined terms. more

Equipment Rental Agreement

Defines terms for renting equipment, specifying rental periods, rates, maintenance responsibilities, and return conditions. more

Event Planning Agreement

Outlines services for event planning and coordination, specifying event details, budget, responsibilities, and payment terms. more

Employment Separation Agreement

Defines terms for employment termination, including severance pay, benefits continuation, and non-disparagement clauses. more

Marketing Agreement

Specifies marketing services and compensation, outlining marketing strategies, campaigns, and performance metrics. more

Employment Non Solicitation Agreement

Prevents the solicitation of employees or clients by former employees, specifying non-solicitation provisions and duration. more

Trade Secret Agreement

Protects trade secrets within a company, specifying what constitutes a trade secret, confidentiality requirements, and remedies for breaches. more

Sublicensing Agreement

Grants sublicensing rights for intellectual property, allowing the sublicensee to further license the IP to third parties within specified terms. more

Share Pledge Agreement

Secures a loan with company shares, specifying the number and type of shares pledged as collateral, conditions for release, and default consequences. more

Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

Provides prospective franchisees with detailed information about the franchisor, its business model, fees, and other essential details to inform their investment decision. more

Trademark Coexistence Agreement

Allows multiple parties to use similar trademarks within specified contexts or territories, outlining the scope of usage, coexistence terms, and dispute resolution procedures. more

Software as a Service (SaaS) Agreement

Defines terms and conditions for using Software as a Service, specifying subscription terms, service levels, support, data security, and intellectual property rights. more

Product Development Agreement

Outlines terms for developing new products, specifying development stages, responsibilities, testing, and intellectual property ownership. more

Research Grant Agreement

Details research funding and obligations, specifying research goals, budget allocation, reporting requirements, and intellectual property rights. more

Digital Marketing Agreement

Specifies digital marketing services, outlining online marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, performance metrics, and payment arrangements. more

Supply Agreement for Goods

Defines terms for supplying goods, specifying goods, delivery schedules, pricing, quality standards, inspection procedures, and dispute resolution. more

Real Property Easement Agreement

Grants easement rights on a property, specifying the nature and scope of the easement, access rights, maintenance responsibilities, and compensation if applicable. more

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Defines service levels and support for services, specifying service availability, response times, maintenance windows, penalties for breaches, and dispute resolution. more

Non Disparagement Agreement

Prevents parties from making negative public statements about each other, specifying the scope of the agreement and any consequences for breaches. more

Promissory Note

A promissory note is a written promise to repay a loan, specifying the loan amount, interest rate, repayment schedule, and consequences of default. more

Investor Rights Agreement

This agreement outlines the rights and obligations of investors in a company, including voting rights, information access, and exit provisions. more

Joint Development Agreement

Defines terms for jointly developing products or technologies, specifying contributions, ownership, and commercialization arrangements. more

Cross Trademark License Agreement

Allows parties to use each other's trademarks within defined contexts, detailing usage guidelines and restrictions for trademark use. more

Software Maintenance Agreement

Specifies ongoing software maintenance and support services, including updates, bug fixes, and response times for support. more

Postnuptial Agreement

Similar to a prenuptial agreement but entered into after marriage, it specifies financial matters and asset division in the event of separation. more

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