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Protects confidential information by prohibiting its disclosure to third parties.
Outlines terms and conditions of employment, including roles, responsibilities, and compensation.
Defines terms for business partnerships, including profit-sharing and decision-making arrangements.
Governs the operation of limited liability companies (LLCs), specifying member rights and duties.
Outlines rights and responsibilities of shareholders in a corporation.
Governs the rental of real property, detailing rent, responsibilities, and lease duration.
Specifies terms for buying or selling goods or services, including price, delivery, and warranties.
Defines the scope of services provided by a service provider to a client.
Establishes terms for consulting services, including deliverables and compensation.
Details the relationship between a franchisor and franchisee, including fees and obligations.
Specifies terms for lending or borrowing money, such as interest rates and repayment schedules.
Formalizes a job offer, including job title, salary, and start date.
Defines terms for contractors working independently, covering work scope and payment arrangements.
Grants permission to use intellectual property, specifying terms, and any royalties or fees.
Governs website or software usage, outlining user rights and responsibilities and any restrictions.
Explains data collection and use practices, including user privacy rights and data protection.
Ends a lease prematurely, defining conditions and responsibilities for both parties.
Similar to an NDA but broader, covering a wider range of confidential information.

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